Wahine Style girl Leandra

Our Hawaiian beauty this week is Leandra from Hilo.  Leandra was one of our original calendar girls in our 2005 Girls of Wahine Style calendar.  The photos in this set were taken in August of 2004, at one of our favorite beaches on the Big Island, Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay).

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Wahine Style girl Vanessa

Our Wahine Style girl this week is Hilo girl Vanessa. With a natural beauty and an immediate comfort in front of the camera, we were able to get a great selection of images each time we had a shoot.

This set of images is from back in June of 2004, as part of our preparations for our first calendar, the Girls of Wahine Style 2005. Vanessa was one of our featured models in that calendar and was also with us as we did some promotional events around the Big Island. There are a few images with an appearance by Vannesa’s good friend Kellie, whose images we will see in a future post.

I hope you enjoy these images and have a great week.

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Wahine Style girl Abbey

Our beautiful Hawaiian girl for this post, came to us from the town of Hilo on the East side of the Big Island. This was our first shoot of 3 different photo shoots that we did with Abbey, part of which was for our 2005 Girls of Wahine Style calendar.

As part of the first group of models, Abbey was part of the initial group of promotion girls for Wahine Style that helped get the name and style of images out in the general public. There are a lot of great memories from those early days and that first group of our models.

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Wahine Style girl Roxanne

I have to apologize for the extremely long delay between posts. A lot has happened over the last year or so since the last post. In the last two years, our family has left the Big Island (to be closer to some of our family) and we have now purchased our own home in Northern Nevada. Sad to say this, but Wahine Style has now finally met an end.

I am trying to get a project started here on the Mainland. Unfortunately, I don’t have as beautiful a backdrop for the photos, but different areas have their own beauty. I would continue a similar style to the images, showcasing beautiful, natural ladies in a respectable, but still sexy photo. If anyone that visits this site has any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment on this posting and we’ll see what we can do.

Anyway, I still have a ton of images to get posted on this site, so I will make it a more regular habit to share selections from the photoshoots of 2004 to 2010 (or so).

Without further delay, the gallery below is from a very early shoot with Roxanne back in 2004. She was featured in our Girls of Wahine Style 2005 calendar.

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Wahine Style girl Nikki

Happy New Year! Wow, has time flown. 2012 has brought a lot of changes, the main one being that our family has relocated from Hawaii to Northern Nevada. Sad to say, but this puts an end to new photos on the beautiful beaches of the Big Island. Since redesigning this website (and unfortunately not updating this site), the focus is going to change once again. I will make a much more valiant effort to update this site regularly, as I have about 7 years worth of images to get posted on this site. The content will be completely free to view. I just want to share my experience photographing the beautiful girls of the Big Island.

Our beautiful wahine today comes from the Kona side of the Big Island. Nikki was our cover model for our 2006 Girls of Wahine Style calendar, and was also featured on the month of October. Here is a gallery of the images from that same photo shoot that we selected our images for the calendar.

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Wahine Style girl Tatianna

I added a new gallery to kick off the week before Labor Day.  Tatianna comes to us from Hilo, on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.  The image gallery features casual outfits, lingerie, bikini, and implied topless photographs.  Enjoy.

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Wahine Style girl Chasity

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I’m still working out the schedule for when I want to get updates posted.  For now, it’s going to be roughly once a week, although sometimes the posts may be slightly closer or slightly further apart.

Our newest set of images comes from a beautiful girl from Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Chasity was a model for our 2009 Girls of Wahine Style calendar.  This set of images has a selection of casual, bikini, lingerie, and implied photos.

Be sure to let me know what you think of these images.  I’m pretty sure that I have enough good images to put together another set in the future.


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Wahine Style girl Kiry

I didn’t really expect for it to take this long to get the site back up and running, but here we are.  Anyway, on with the show.

I’m posting some images from a photo shoot that I did with Kiry back in September 2009.  If you found our Facebook page in the past, you may have already seen these images, but I felt it was a good place to start.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  I will be adding a like button to the site for our Facebook site for those that would like to interact with me there.

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Welcome to Wahine Style

Welcome to Wahine Style.  Although the site was just recently redesigned, we are choosing to go another direction.  This is the newest implementation of the website.

Wahine Style is based on the Big Island of Hawaii and features local Hawaiian and Hapa (mixed nationality) girls.  The images have a sexy side to them, yet keep the overall style very classy and respectful to the ladies.

There are several new photo shoots  being planned for new content.  We will also be inviting some girls back for a second photo shoot to get some new updated images that we can post.

The website will be heading a slightly new direction.  While we will provide some images available for free viewing, the bulk of the images from the photo shoots will only be available to our members.

For our members, there will be a new set of images posted each week.  Members will also have access to any video we do at the photo shoots, along with wallpaper images.

We’ll have a Twitter and Facebook link up shortly.  Be sure to follow us and Like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with our latest announcements.

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