Welcome to Wahine Style

Welcome to Wahine Style.  Although the site was just recently redesigned, we are choosing to go another direction.  This is the newest implementation of the website.

Wahine Style is based on the Big Island of Hawaii and features local Hawaiian and Hapa (mixed nationality) girls.  The images have a sexy side to them, yet keep the overall style very classy and respectful to the ladies.

There are several new photo shoots  being planned for new content.  We will also be inviting some girls back for a second photo shoot to get some new updated images that we can post.

The website will be heading a slightly new direction.  While we will provide some images available for free viewing, the bulk of the images from the photo shoots will only be available to our members.

For our members, there will be a new set of images posted each week.  Members will also have access to any video we do at the photo shoots, along with wallpaper images.

We’ll have a Twitter and Facebook link up shortly.  Be sure to follow us and Like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with our latest announcements.

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  1. Your website is done with excellent taste. The models are very beautiful and are if I remember from my last visit very representative of Hawaii. Nice Job!

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